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The following companies will explain the applications and capabilities of AR/VR,  illustrated by existing cases and how this technology will evolve in the future:

Bob Van Cleemputte of Create Multimedia
Bob is the manager of Create, a digital studio with the focus on experience design. Create builds interactive installations and VR projects. The development team works in Unity3D and Unreal engine. In addition to the studio, Create also has a department for hardware installations and creative events. the projects are a mix between museum installations, corporate development, light festivals and creative spaces. Bob will talk about group VR experiences and immersive spaces.
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Timoty Vanherbergen of Triangle Factory

Triangle Factory is an independent game developer founded in 2010 and based in Ghent, Belgium. They are a team of passionate developers and designers with a hunger for new technology and creative ways to build fun and immersive experiences. Besides entertainment, Triangle Factory also uses game technology to build state of the art enterprise solutions. The use cases for game technology, augmented reality and virtual reality are very diverse, ranging from simple 3D walkthroughs to full blown training simulations, sales tools and medical solutions.
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Stefan Colins of Bazookas
Stefan Colins is the founder of Bazookas and is a true guru when it comes to XR: from virtual reality to augmented reality and mixed reality. As an immersive technology consultant, he stays on top of the most recent developments in this area. With Bazookas, he creates solutions that go beyond the web: from games & serious gaming to mobile apps, together with his team, they always find a solution that meets the customer’s needs.
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This tutorial will be moderated by Pascal Cools, Director of Flanders DC.