Come for the talks, stay for the experience.

Aside of our Living Room & Tutorial stage we build a market that will tickle all your senses. We have your favourite arcade games and sports, craft beers & cocktails, food courts in a lush green setting, a flea market & tattooshops all set in a misty Bangkok environment. Explore and enjoy x

Brabo's Hand Tattoo

Tomas Redrey, co-founder Brabo’s Hand Tattooshop Antwerpen since 2010 and Tobias De Bruyn, tattooer at Brabo’s Hand tattoo.

Bunker tattoo

As tattooers, we love to draw. In fact, we can draw virtually any design for you. We believe that for every idea, there is a good tattoo. And we only deliver quality tattoos. Got a good idea? Be sure to contact the shop as soon as possible, because we’ve got a waiting list!

Night fun

Before, during and after, we invite you to roam around in our venue. It’s loaded with adult entertainment (yes, pinball- & boxing machines, Jenga XL and more)

Get your score on our hall of fame, stick around & play!

Dries De Poorter

Assembling, sharing and experimenting with private data of himself and random people found on the internet, digital artist Dries Depoorter tackles in a thought-provoking way issues like social identity, big data sharing, encryption and (the lack of) protection of our online privacy.

Art galore

Flea-market vibes with independent prime art galleries, book shops and your favourite screen-printing studio’s. Get that gift for your special someone.

Bring your wallet!


HOLOCUBE is a fully integrated 3D projection platform that makes your product look like never before. It combines the most advanced modern projection techniques in a contemporary sleek housing. This enables product focussed as well as contextual 3D projections.


The limitations of slow printing, combined with contemporary techniques and insights, challenge them to rethink their design process. Kastaar is more than a print shop. It’s a bold playground for graphic experiment and collaboration. Embracing the past, with eyes on the future.

Honest food

Curator Alle Dagen Honger will provide a celebration of local and delicious food. They will make you want to stick around for tasty drinks and bites.

More about Alle Dagen Honger on their website.

Bar Palmier

Star restaurant L’Épicerie du Cirque is on a roll. After opening deli and natural foodbar Comptoir, they ventured Bar Palmier, which serves craft beers and natural wines, accompanied by perfect Mexican tacos. During UBN they will bring classy streetfood. On Thursday/Friday (tbc) Bar Palmier will occupy the UBN chef’s booth, where each night a different Antwerp chef will shine. Don’t hesitate, you snooze, you lose!


Veranda is a shining star at the gastronomic Antwerp night sky. The small venture from Berchem relocated to a unique location in the old meat district of Antwerp as a restaurant with wine bar. Chef Davy Schellemans comes to the chefs booth at UBN with an an exquisite plate of fine food.

(picture by Karmen Ayvazyan)


Chef Geert Weyn was responsible for the delicious fine meat in star restaurant Dôme for years, until he opened Schnitzel. At UBN he will bring homemade pastrami to the chef’s booth. Don’t wait too long to come and have a taste.

Les Odettes

Les Odettes, food collective by herbalist Natalie Schrauwen, provides for all; from big wedding parties to vegetarian or vegan catering, foraging walks in the woods and outdoor diners on open fire. Natalie and Les Odettes will serve the UBN visitors healthy and delicious food on a daily basis.

Hoeked Donuts

That doughnuts don’t have to be round is proven by the newest doughnut shop in town. Hoeked Doughnuts dares to be radically square, are handmade and topped with more than sweet icing. Take your pick from doughnuts with speculoos, salty caramel or even matcha. Get your daily sugar rush at the coffee cart and try not to get hooked.

Mico's Bistro

Pastry chef Mico Cheung learned the tricks of the trade in France and Hong Kong. Just last year she opened Mico’s Bistro together with husband and chef Jonathan Leung, where local products are made into Asian inspired dishes. Their crepes with spring onions and streaky bacon will get you hooked for life. At UBN Mico’s will also present their signature dessert: matcha cheese cake.

Monsieur Boudin + FRAN

His love for the finer sausage got Jeroen Tavernier from Ghent the pseudonym ‘Monsieur Boudin’. Under his alias he makes white blood sausages from the Brasvar pig. He revitalized the classic recipe and serves white pudding with lemon, parsley and ras el hanout or chili, coriander, ginger and coconut. Especially for UBN he teamed up with FRAN, and serves us a delightful sausage sandwich deluxe.


For perfect cappuccinos and the classic cup of coffee you’ll need to be at the Normo coffee cart. Normo is a household name in the coffee landscape. All coffee beans are chosen carefully by owner Jens Oris, and roasted in Normo’s own micro-roastery in Borgerhout. Normo’s at your service for your daily caffeine shot and a friendly chat.

King of Pong

Balls of celluloid 🙏


Redopapers is a project by Linde Luyten and Tille Lingier; two graphic designers based in Antwerp. With redopapers, they give new life to paper surplus. Driven by a passion for real craftsmanship, typography and beautiful, tactile design, Redopapers explores ways to repurpose this paper to create unique, handmade design products.

Zoola Moofoo

Groping for several years in search of a medium that resembles it, Zoola is a monomaniac. His work is characterized by a series of colored dots, more or less thick, lined, tangled and structured to create bright and rhythmic compositions.

Aboriginal art?
Zoola denies copying a style and boasts a rather mechanical and spontaneous art.

This research generate geometric structures, associations of colors and textures and technique evolves through three complementary approaches:

Recovery and appropriation of old objects to inject a second life and whose most striking examples are former Swiss & African masks;
Paintings geometric arrangements which create light effects;
Screen prints that reproduce his pieces at will.

Get inked!

Exclusive to the Us By Night festival, we’ll feature Brabo’s Hand & Bunker Tattoo. Two of Belgium’s finest people who draw on people. Think you’re up for it? Get there soon and reserve a spot!

't Stad Leest

Boekhandel Stad Leest – which roughly translates to ‘Bookshop The City Reads’ – is everything what a classic bookshop isn’t. No dozy bookshelf for us, but a carefully selected collection of the books we love and believe in. We offer a wide range of children’s books, literature and books which make life pleasant. Besides a love of books, we also share a love of stationary and curiosities.

Studio Blade

Studio Blade is a custom knife maker from Antwerp. In a world dominated by mass production he crafts unique handmade tools for the modern day adventurer, hunter or chef. Only top quality materials are used for his blades en sheaths. Being an avid outdoorsman, hunter and a globetrotter himself, these knives have been put to the test in real world scenarios. His knives are sold all over the world, used by hunters in the USA and chefs in Monaco.


The “Ik koop Belgisch” campaign by Flanders DC aims to highlight Belgian brands through various activities. Flanders DC also encourages consumers to buy and wear local labels with pride. #ikkoopbelgisch is for shoppers from all shapes and sizes, with different styles and budgets.

ALICE van Innis

Drawings, textiles, projects.

Allow Studio

Allow—Studio is a project by Nico Verhaegen, it’s about more than clothing. Every piece has a story and all garments are numbered, signed and limited or unique. The studio knows no seasons nor gender. The garments on the site are part of ongoing themes or collaborations with other artists. We create visual pollution that highlights the dark corners of our grey society.


Antwrp is a Belgian men’s fashion brand created in 2006. Antwrp brings luxurious casual clothes, in particular T-shirts, sweaters, jumpers and shirts in beautiful fabrics. The brand name refers to that unique blend of Antwerp fashion, the vintage scene and the city’s multicultural dimension. Antwrp translates the street culture into original print techniques with unique results. Logos and labels bear witness to the high graphical standards and in particular to the eye for details.

Belgian Company

As a brand that is in touch with time, Belgian Company (BC) strikes the balance between style and function. You put on its easy well-cut basics in the morning, only to realize in the evening you have been wearing them all day long. Whether worn at home relaxing or out and about, they simply make you feel good.


CXL STILL is a label that works under the radar and at their own pace, by Barbara Vermoere & Tom de Poortere.

Kofi von Ohene / Hasselhoff studios

Hasselhoff studios is a Belgium based academy of observable garments. Conceived in 2014, established in 2017.

Set Travel

Introducing the backpack that will change the way you travel. It’s jam-packed with design and engineering features that will keep you fully charged, safe and organized on the road. The backpack is especially designed to meet the needs of today’s travellers. But it’s more than just a backpack. It will be contributing to a better and cleaner environment.


At HNST we see huge potential for improvement in this and that’s why our label plans to produce the world’s most sustainable jeans. Indeed, jeans is the fabric product which particularly combines all challenges in the fields of labor and environment. Think about the use of water and energy, chemical (coloring) additives and all too often appalling working conditions. The HNST jeans will be the first ever to be made out of 50% of recycled denim, and you can be part of it!

Het Consolesalon

Het Consolesalon is a nomadic retro game parlor that has assembled a nice library of console games over the years. During Us By Night, a few 8 and 16-bit consoles will be connected to a BIG LED screen for everyone to play. To name but a few of the gems you can play: Comix Zone, Klax and Earthworm Jim. Because gaming alone is not enough for the hardcore geek, expect also Hall of Fame competitions and journalistic Let’s Plays. More TBA!

The Skateroom

The Skateroom is a social entrepreneurship whose main purpose is to help empower youth using art and skateboarding. Our vision is to offer art editions at an affordable price and make art available to the greater public. By doing so, we help fund the construction of skate parks and schools around the world.

We’ll be showing Shepard Fairey, Ai Weiwei, Roger Ballen/Die Antwoord, Basquiat, Robin Rhode


WHAM will curate a small shop for art lovers/aficionados. Over the years, they have build a contemporary collection which they are more than happy to show at UBN. They will offer a carefully selected mix of collectables varying from art prints to high-end sculptures, from skate decks to rare books all from renowned artists from around the world.